Our Partners

We work closely with the following business to offer a comprehensive immigration experience and smooth transition to our clients.  Please note there is no payment of commission from these partners to us nor us to them.

The Rand Group

An important part of your immigration process is to safely and cost effectively move your Rands out of South Africa to New Zealand. The Rand Group is our preferred service provider for any money transfers, financial immigration or surrendering of retirement annuities from South Africa. The Rand Group offers transparent services at affordable rates.                 

Please contact The Rand Group representative in New Zealand directly if you would need any further support in this regard:

Henrico Kotze: 021 2655066


*Disclaimer: Eagle Migration Services receives no financial benefit by referring The Rand Group – It is purely to give our clients peace of mind when looking for a reliable service provider.

AI Financial Services

AI Financial Services (Ltd) is an independent mortgage broking company based on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand. Over the past 10 years they have built up long term relationships with the major lenders that enable them to provide innovative mortgage and Risk Insurance products in the following markets:

  • New mortgages at competitive rates
  • Re-finance existing mortgages
  • Bridging finance options
  • Construction Loans
  • Personal, Business and Comprehensive Insurance

It can be time-consuming for you to research the best financial and risk options, but they can make that task a lot easier.


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