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New Zealand is known to be a country that is exceptionally beautiful, healthy and family friendly. It is a first world country…

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It is very important that you choose the right consultant. The Immigration Advisers Licensing Act creates a licensing regime for…


Here we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about Immigration


Thank you for visiting Eagle Migration Services Ltd (EMS). We are based in Auckland, New Zealand.

If you are thinking about making a move to New Zealand, then we would encourage you to take a further look at the information and services we can provide to ensure your immigration process goes ahead in a well advised and supportive environment. We would further encourage any potential migrant to consider NZ as a place to live, work and raise children.

Moving to a new country is a huge challenge generally fuelled by many insecurities and uncertainties, and the key to success and settling down quickly in a new country is to be armed with an informed process every step of the way. This will result in appropriate and constructive decisions about applying for visas and permits as well as living and working in NZ.

EMS Ltd is an immigration consultancy with the ability to provide solutions to highly complex and routine NZ immigration issues. We have demonstrated our commitment to creative and zealous immigration representation and excellence, cost effective solutions to both unusual and common immigration problems.

We can assist you with visa and permit applications and can also provide assistance and support for any settling in issues that may arise. Our licensed advisers strictly adhere to the IAA Code of Conduct.

It is a requirement of the Immigration Adviser’s Authority (IAA) that no immigration services may be provided until the Company receives a written copy of the agreement entered into between the Company and the Client.

Please note you are not allowed to work in NZ without a work visa. A work visa entitles you to work for the employer stipulated on the visa. You may not work for another employer without a legal visa. Visitor Visa holders may not work in NZ. We strongly advise against resigning jobs or selling property until your visa is formally approved by Immigration NZ.


Although impossible to guarantee whether your application will be successful, we are happy to offer a performance guarantee on some of the categories related to your application. We have a 100% belief in our level of service and are fully committed to all principles outlined in the Fair Trading Act 1986 121, Commenced: 1 March 1987

A successful outcome, however, depends on total honesty and commitment. Clients must be completely honest when providing information related to their application. We are committed to offering you our best possible service at all times and as such, desire to protect both our and your integrity. We guarantee an open, transparent process through regular communication.We will immediately provide updates as they become available.

Please note that your fee will not be refunded for any of the following reasons:

Should you provide any fraudulent or false information; Non-disclosure of any criminal conviction related to any person included in your application; Non-disclosure of a medical condition related to any person included in your application; Lack of independently verifiable evidence related to any employment matters on your application; Any change in Immigration policy after filing your application. We will immediately notify you in the event of policy change prior to filing your application in order to ensure new requirements are met. Your application will only be lodged if we are convinced that new criteria are met. Should your application be declined for any of the above reasons, you will not be entitled to a refund.


We guarantee all personal information received from you will be safely filed and stored and only released to relevant parties related to your application, after obtaining written permission from you.